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Eternity means “Amaratva” or “Anantkaal”.

Eternal is longer than forever. That is the unborn and the undying spirit of Eternity that we bring to you. It is an unprecedented amalgamation of brilliant design, superior architecture, unimaginable luxury and loving relationship that transcends time. Eternity begins where the conventional idea of luxury ends.

Building a life that leads to Eternity.

With 9550 sq feet of space per apartment, Eternity is a megalomaniac’s delight. It gives you access to that coveted lifestyle that is reserved only for the crème de la crème. It is not a home, it is an invitation to indulge, to show-off and to spoil yourself in wave after wave of ecstatic luxury.

  • Each apartment is made over a sprawling space of 9550 sq. ft., which is larger than a standard tennis court. With ceiling at 11 ft, it allows the lovers of grand chandeliers to show off their eclectic taste.

  • Eternity will have 12 apartments divided in 2 blocks of 6 floors each. On every floor there will be only one apartment, which is another sign of exclusivity for you.

  • Each apartment will have a personal lobby and two elevators.

  • Located right behind the Rajpath Club-one of the most prestigious clubs frequented by the who’s who of Ahmedabad - is another feather in the cap of Eternity. It is less than a kilometre from S G Highway- the commercial hub of Ahmedabad.

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