A seamless blend of luxury, comfort, elegance and style.

We build what you would be inspired to call ‘a wow home’.

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We have straddled the exclusive luxury housing segment of Ahmedabad’s real estate market since 1979 and set a new standard in every possible aspect of construction and architecture along the way. All our projects have been acclaimed as a masterpiece in the construction world.

We create exclusivity through projects which are epitome of style and luxury in line with our motto ‘Serve a few, but serve the best.’


A single magnificent tower rising from a compact yet beautifully landscaped garden. With a choice of spacious 4 BHK apartments, Avyukta Empress embodies every luxury designed to make life a wonderful living experience.

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A promise of eternal life and happiness that emanates from something that lasts for ‘Eternity’. ‘Eternity’ is exactly that - a promise of a relationship that will last for generations to come.

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A 7 storey architectural marvel providing strategically designed office space for showrooms and offices with latest amenities and wide spaces. Location promotes use of public transport as it is next to BRTS station.

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Earth Arise

One of the pioneer projects of Ahmedabad built on Green Building practices. Certified with the LEED GOLD Certification, Earth Arise stands out from the crowd of other commercial projects.

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